Fun time — July 14 Bachelorette Party

After several weeks of hot and humid weather, conditions miraculously became perfect the morning of July 14 for Amanda’s bachelorette party aboard Schooner Heron. Cooler, no humidity… enough of a breeze to sail comfortably back and forth in the Bay. For photos, please visit the Schooner Heron Facebook page <> . Swimming was great! No jellies in yet. (They’ve started to come into the River and creeks now.) What a pleasure for me to meet such a nice group of young women! After our afternoon on the water, they “girls” headed off to Solomons Island to tear things up! I didn’t hear about anything in the news the next morning, so I presume all went well.

Since then, the weather has been hot hot hot and muggy. I have a charter later today with some experienced sailors and hope to hear some good sea stories. Little wind right now at 6 am, but small craft advisory is up for this evening, so the wind will fill in during the afternoon. See our Facebook Page later tonight for photos of today’s charter.

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