Welcome to the 2011 Sailing Season! And come on down to Solomons Island in Southern Maryland for a schooner sail on the Chesapeake Bay!

Schooner Heron Charters is holding the super low rate of $390 for a day sail for weekdays, Monday through Thursday!

$390!!! Monday through Thursday.

For Friday through Sunday, and for all holidays, the 2011 day sail rate is $525. That is lower than anything you will find on the Chesapeake.

$525!!! Friday through Sunday, and holidays.

These rates are for a party of six: a wonderful afternoon sailing on the Bay aboard the beautiful 60-foot staysail Schooner Heron, with Captain, including food and soft drinks…

Nothing on the Bay can compare with this amazing offer!

A short 50-minute drive south of the DC Beltway puts you in a place where the land meets the sea and opportunities for excitement and relaxation abound.

Enhance your recreational get-away to Southern Maryland by taking a 5-hour sail aboard our custom built French staysail Schooner Heron. She’s 60-feet long with an expansive flush deck and cockpit, so there’s plenty of room to move about, work the boat, and relax.

Captain Aram Nersesian will give your party of six the kind of sailing day that YOU want. Help with the sail handling and steering, or sit back and relax. You may even want to head up the Patuxent River to tie up at Vera’s Restaurant, enjoy a meal, and delight in a river cruise home. If there’s a strong breeze, you will enjoy a hearty and robust day on the Bay. If the wind is mild, relish the peacefulness and beauty of the natural environment.

Take the standard 5-hour sail, study our “Cruise Ideas,” or be creative and come up with your own suggestions.

And while you’re in Solomons, partake of the local food and drink… and of course, there are accommodations galore to extend your Southern Maryland escape. Check out our “Solomons Island” and “Special Events” links, and our BLOG, to learn all about our little town: where to eat and drink, where to stay, and what special activities are planned throughout the season. The Tiki Bar! The Calvert Marine Museum! There’s plenty to do and see.

Call us: 410-231-4066. Email us! Come sailing with us, and for just a little while, throw your cares to the wind!